GRL TRBL's First Week In The Biz

Last week, on March 21, I was invited to sell (as well as raffle off a couple of items) at the Women of Color For Progress launch party. This also happened to be the first day I opened up my online shop for pre-orders. 

The event was amazing. I met so many wonderful women and while it was great to have people interested in buying my pins and prints, the conversations I had were where the real rewards were reaped. 

I realized, at this event, where so many women (and their allies, holler!) were politically engaged and supportive, that this is the true reason I started GRL TRBL. 

Let's be real, having a staff position as a writer in NYC is nothing to gawk at. I am very lucky to have been able to become socially mobile, as a working writer no less. But writers aren't really the social type. It's kind of a you and your keyboard situation. Without realizing, I started this project  to find a sense of community, and you all's response has proven I was right. 

Without further ado, I can say that this first week of sales at GRL TRBL has been a success both at the event and online. The solidarity pin hasn't just financially broken even, it is profitable. I am not saying this to be braggadocios, rather, I want to be transparent. 

I want others to feel motivated to take the leap and start their own stores, own communities, own whatevers... you know? Imposter syndrome is real. It is difficult to put your ideas out there. The fear of being mediocre or worse — asking people to give you money for something you've made — that shit is real.

However, the older I get, the more I realize the world is a heaping pile of trash (lol, I'm serious) and most people are just looking for relief for whichever existential crisis they've been dealt with at the moment. That means, whatever "weird" hobby you have, whatever "strange" thing you're into or have to say, whatever your values are, there are people out there who want to hear about it.

Fuck, bruh, there are white supremacists out there spreading literal hate and they have followings. You think your ideas aren't good enough? Really? When we are subjected to other people's bad ideas everyday? Hover boards? Those new Apple wireless earbuds? Segregation? Genocide? Voting for 45? Bad ideas, but successful ideas... ?

If you build it, they will come. A disgustingly unqualified, barely human puppet of Russia is our President. Why are you wasting time thinking you're not good enough? Literally, anyone is good enough — apparently! Go out. Start trbl, grl!


I am giddy with excitement but don't worry, I still look soulless and stoic on the outside. If anyone wants to sell enamel pins and wants more info on it, holler at emerald @ grltrbl dot com. 

P. S. My new pins are here and they are soooooo dope. I can't wait to show them to you. 

You should definitely be following @GRL_TRBL on Instagram.

Emerald Pellot