GRL TRBL Has Been Busy Doing Whaaaat?



Here's a quick roundup of off-site GRL TRBL news. Enjoy!

I wrote about 6 Things My Side-Hustle Is Teaching Me About My Long-Term Career Goals for The Financial Diet. 

GRL TRBL was featured on this amazing list of Latinx pinmakers on Vivala

I was a guest on the Feminist Killjoys, PhD podcast to discuss the commodification of feminism and what it means to sell feminism with hosts Raechel and Melody. 

Speaking of podcasts I was also on the Black Beauty Linkup podcast where we chatted about GRL TRBL, the women's march, and intersectionalism with hosts Ashley Monique and Jade Jones. 

Two of my framed prints will be for sale in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 27th to raise money for Planned Parenthood in collaboration with Boogie Woman, an amazing gathering of PoC artists, vendors, and musicians. Grab your tix here, LA bbs

In New York City, my pins will be auctioned off (how cool is that!) to raise money for Amanda Farias who is running to be councilwoman in District 18 in The Bronx. She is working to unseat Ruben Diaz Sr. an anti-choice, Trump-supporting, homophobic faux-Democrat. Grab tix to the fundraiser here

As always, thanks for keeping the lights on at GRL TRBL!

Emerald Pellot