Period Panties Tote Bag
Period Panties Tote Bag

Period Panties Tote Bag

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Ah, the good ole menses! There's so much shame in the world surrounding the elusive period, it's a taboo that goes all the way back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. People who menstruate have long been stigmatized and ostracized from society during "that time as the month." It's a tale as old as patriarchy (literally, read all about how menstruation was once a symbol of strength).

Not all women get their periods, and not everyone who gets a period identifies as a woman — but that doesn't mean we shouldn't all be fighting for a world without menstrual stigma, where tampons and pads aren't taxed at a higher "luxury" rate, and where people might not scoff at a tote bag like this.

This item ships separately from pins and postcards.

• 100% spun polyester weather resistant fabric
• Bag 15" x 15" (38.1cm x 38.1cm)
• Capacity – 2.6 US gal (10l)
• Maximum weight limit – 11lbs (5kg)
• Dual handles 100% natural cotton bull denim
• Handle length 11.8" (30 cm), width 1" (2.5cm)

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