What is your shipping policy?

Orders are processed in 1 to 2 business days. Usually 1. No returns or exchanges unless item is damaged upon arrival. Must receive notification of damage within 48 hours of delivery. 


We ship to the United States.


We ship internationally, prices vary based on location.  


I put in the wrong address, what do I do? 

If you submit the incorrect address, this is a you mistake, not a GRL TRBL mistake. Please contact us, ASAP at emerald@grltrbl.com so we can get your order to the correct address. If your order has already shipped there's nothing we can do unless it is returned. 


The USPS Tracker says my order was delivered but I didn't receive it. 

This is a USPS issue not a GRL TRBL issue. If your package is stolen, if USPS cannot deliver your package, please contact your local post office before contacting us.  



How long will it take for my package to come?

Pre-orders ship about one to two weeks after order is placed (7 days after pre-order period ends.) Once your package is in the hands of the USPS First Class Mail (allegedly 2 to 3 days), pray it arrives safely, for there is little we can do.


I got my pin in the mail but not my T-shirt/Tote/Print. I got my T-shirt/Tote/Print in the mail but not my pin. Help!

T-shirts/Totes/Prints are shipped by a third party manufacturer based on your location so sometimes they arrive before or after the pins, which ship from New York City.

If more than 10 days have passed and you haven't received either or neither of these items please contact us ASAP!

Can I collaborate with GRL TRBL?

Yes, GRL TRBL is always open to collaborating with other like-minded folk. Just send a message to emerald@GRLTRBL.com! 


How do I order wholesale?

For wholesale inquiries contact emerald@GRLTRBL.com. 


Who makes these pins?

All products are designed by New York City artist Emerald Pellot. Pins are manufactured abroad in China. (Yes, I wish the pins were made domestically by a woman-owned business that practices intersectional feminism and pays their workers a fair wage, but there's no ethical consumption under capitalism. )