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8x14" (Legal Paper Size) 

Let's face it, regardless of whether our country has had a Democratic or Republican leader, we have never been particularly compassionate when it comes to our immigration policy. 

But I am not here to make you feel bad because you're just finding out about this now. The point is: now you know. Now the world knows, so what are we going to do about this new exceptionally cruel policy.

ICE now separates children and infants from their parents, placing them in crowded cages. Domestic and gang violence is no longer considered grounds to seek asylum.

Ask yourself this: are the countries that turned away Jewish asylum seekers at the border to their imminent death and imprisonment just as culpable as the Nazis? 

That is what we are doing, turning families away to their deaths.

For so long, when it comes to brown and black people, our country has had a policy of benign neglect. Meaning, if they provide no resources, no help, no intervention than inevitably brown and black people will "destroy themselves." Of course, much of that "self-destruction" is created by the conditions of the U.S. government itself.

They wound us and leave us for dead. 

Now is the time to fight. Feel free to use this artwork in anyway you can to raise awareness about these harmful policies. 

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